May 12, 2008

Awesome Etsy Sellers - Merimask

I stumbled upon this shop on Etsy about a week ago and I was totally blown away. Andrea of Merimask creates absolutely stunning life-size masks out of sculpted leather. These hand-formed, hand painted masks are truly "wearable art". Andrea has done work for Cirque Du Soleil and has pieces in galleries all across the US. What amazes me is that she is completely self-taught! The mask pictured above was my favorite, but alas, it has already sold (not surprising). These ones however are still available in her shop...

I absolutely love her animal masks, as well as the Japanese influence apparent in many of her pieces. As she says in her profile: "I think a GOOD mask should reveal what's inside, rather than conceal." That exactly what these masks do, allowing the wearer to convey aspects of their personality through beautiful adornment.

I would love to have a collection of Andrea's masks to offer friends to wear. I can just imagine how amazing these masks would be at a Hallowe'en, New Year's Eve or masquerade party, or a concert or outdoor festival.

She also sells a wide selection of smaller items such as keychains, barrettes and pins. These are incredibly crafted in their own right, but for me her masks are the main event. One more picture... can you believe the artistic detail in this "Blue Angel" mask?

Be sure to check out her sold items as well, there are some phenomenal pieces in there!

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