February 24, 2008

You Spin Me Right Round Baby

I'll be attending a spinning workshop with my mom this coming weekend at my favorite local yarn shop, Knitopia Wools Co. in Langley. The owner Lynne has been kind and trusting enough to lend me her beautiful spinning wheel to practice on this week to get ready for the workshop. My previous attempts at spinning were on Mom's Majacraft wheel, and as a complete beginner, I got very frustrated with the wheel wanting to spin in the wrong direction, so each spinning session was kind of a bust. Today, I actually got the hang of spinning on Lynne's wheel and now I know why Mom is so addicted! Of course I've still got a lot to learn, but I think I'm at least ready for the classes I'll be taking.

My first attempt:

And right after that, I did this one:

I think it's quite an improvement! Now I am really excited about the workshop. Also, now that I know I am going to enjoy spinning, I can finally buy some of those gorgeous mini-batts from Loop over at Etsy.

February 4, 2008

New Arrivals

I've been working on a new idea for my Etsy shop - sweet little hand-knit, felted vases. The first batch is based on a pattern, but I am going to play around to get different shapes and sizes once I see how these turn out. I just finished felting these ones today.

I think they're going to turn out really well. They are stuffed full of rice right now to dry into the proper shapes. I have yet to trim off all the excess fuzz, so they won't look so hairy when they're done.

February 2, 2008

Is Brighter Better?

Here's the newest addition to my Etsy shop - a bright green clutch/pencil case with needle felted abstract flowers. This design is cool because it lets me experiment with color groupings and it's not too overpowering on the pouch.

This bright green wool is not a colour I would typically choose - it was requested by my brother's girlfriend for a custom order. Good thing, because it's actually reeeeeally nice. It's bright enough to stand out, but still subdued enough to fit into the spectrum of colors I like. Thanks Serena!