June 23, 2009

Still here... new dyeing

You know how sometimes life just kind of conspires to take over your best laid plans? That's what this past month has been like for me... From other people's weddings to my own unpredictable moods and other random events, I feel like I've just been along for the ride lately. Now that things have settled down a little I'm looking forward to getting back into some kind of routine. That includes regular blog entries and a lot more energy freed up to put into my Etsy shops. I'm actually planning to put some thought into how I want my blog to be set up - I'm looking for a good blend of Etsy-related content (Etsy Monday, shop updates, etc) and more personal, journal type subject matter. I'm looking forward to that too!

For starters, tonight I added a few rovings to Black Mustard Colorworks, the first update in a while. 2 Merino and 2 BFL this time - more fiber coming soon!

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Val said...

(did you already get this comment?)

You continually surprise me with the way your work just keeps getting better and better. Your rovings are so vibrant and inspiring and your pictures depict them so well. Looking forward to more blogs and offerings from you!

Linda said...

Beautiful colours. I haven't spun for ages, we too are full of weddings and all sorts.It must be the time of year.