May 26, 2009

More hand-dyed rovings!

Learning to dye has been a hit-and-miss process for me so far - figuring out how to achieve the effects I want and how to work with each type of fiber to enhance their good qualities and avoid felting! It's been a bit slow-going but a LOT of fun and I think I'm narrowing in on a method that will work for me consistently. Updates to the shop so far have been pretty small, as a result I've got a basket of almost-perfect fiber ready to be spun, so keep an eye out for lots of hand-spun yarns coming to the shop!

Today I did another small update, with 2 Super Fine Merino and 1 Merino roving.

Super Fine Merino 4.5 oz

I'll have some more Merino, as well as some BFL coming soon. I'm hoping I'll be able to do bigger updates as I fine-tune my process!

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Val said...

Joline, your rovings look so smooth and dreamy, as if they'll spin up soft as a cloud. Has anybody given you any feedback on how they enjoy spinning your hand-dyed? Can you take a picture of your spinning-in-progress using your hand-dyed, please? Can't wait to try some myself!!

Val said...

Have any other bloggers written in any tips for dyeing their rovings? I dye for my personal use, not to sell, but I'd sure like to get better at it and would appreciate any pointers. Could you maybe do a blog--or even a contest--asking for dyeing tips and techniques? Hmmm.

Laughingrat said...

Your colors are unusual and the fiber looks soft and spinnable--keeping the fiber from felting is a big hurdle in developing one's technique. I'd say you're ahead of the game!

Waterrose said...

What lovely colors! so soft and dreamy.