September 18, 2008

Some sights from my bike

I've been getting a whole lot of use out of my bike this summer, riding a few times a week in the streets and trails around my house. I've been reminded of the feeling of freedom that biking riding used to bring when I was a kid. Back before I had the convenience of a car and when I could spend all day exploring. One of my favorite places to ride to is Green Timbers park, about a 1/2 hour ride away from my house.

There's a beautiful little lake there, albeit man-made. It's home to ducks, cranes, dragonflies and fish. Even when I've been feeling fairly stressed out and not really in the mood for a bike ride, I get to the lake and sit down, watch the ducks swimming lazily for a few minutes, and can't help but relax. I'll have to take some pictures of those ducks next time I'm there.

I've also been reading Deepak Chopra's "The Essential Ageless Body, Timeless Mind" and this is the perfect setting to settle in and read. It's been a great place to practice feeling more connected with nature and grateful for the perfect little things all around me. I love having a place like this to go to right in the middle of the city!

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TX Poppet said...

Gorgeous pics.
Got some bloggy bling for you to pick up