September 23, 2008

Knitting Overload

I've been busy today. I've got quite a few things on the go and I spent the day trying to wrap up what I could and get a handle on the rest. I spun, I knitted, I planned and schemed.

My main focus right now is making knitted accessories for Fall to put in my Etsy shop. I've been developing a pattern for a nice fluffy cowl, and after a few attempts, I think I'm getting close to what I want. Here it is in green.

It's made with 100% Baby Alpaca yarn and it is probably the softest thing I've ever felt. The stitch I used, knit on big needles, plays up the softness of the yarn and traps lots of air for warmth. I've also got a button-up version in creamy off-white ready to go, but no photos of it so far.

I am so eager to get these into my shop that I tried to take some pictures with myself as the model today. The pictures turned out okay, but I can only do so much with the camera at arm's length and no way to see the shot I'm capturing... I've enlisted a couple of friends to be my models, and I hope to spend some time with them this weekend. I was fortunate enough to be able to photo my fabric headbands by myself throughout the summer, but this is something I'll need help with.

This last month or so has been crazy at my day job, so I've been going in 5 days a week, and I think it's taking it's toll on my ability to produce things for my shop. I really want to list a new yarn soon, and I'm also still working on a proto-type for some fingerless gloves. I can't wait until I go back to part time - I've really missed having those extra 2 days to craft! Oh well, there's no rush. Fall's not going anywhere, and I know that once I get these pieces finished and photographed right it will be worth the wait.

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woolamina said...

I love your cowl. You do such beautiful work! I hope a part-time schedule comes swiftly for you. =)

blackmustard said...

Thanks so much! Yeah, I can't wait to go back to 3 days a week. I'm counting down the days.