March 16, 2008


I have just spent the afternoon with my gorgeous little niece, Brooklyn, and it's put me in the mood to ogle all the cute baby stuff on Etsy.

My friend Julie over at Superfly Lullabies tops my list, with supersoft minky blankets, bibs, hoodies, burp cloths, you name it, she's got it! How can you not want to wrap your baby in softness like this?

Then there are these adorable baby booties from Pedro Sprout. These are seriously the cutest booties I have ever seen! These ones are sold, but I love them so much I couldn't bring myself to use another picture. There are lots of other cute ones for sale though. I want to buy a pair, and I don't even have a baby to put them on!

And the first Etsy sellers whose baby items really caught me eye, Portland Beanie Company carries some of the sweetest crocheted baby hats. Great photography too - having such an adorable model doesn't hurt! Little Brooklyn would look so cute in this.

And no Mom, sorry this doesn't mean I'm planning a little grandchild for you any time soon. But it couldn't hurt for you to make a note of these wonderful items when it does come time to buy shower gifts!

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