August 12, 2008

Castle in the Clouds - BFL Handspun yarn

Well, my newest handspun yarn sold in my Etsy shop in record time. Thanks to a lovely repeat customer, it was snapped up within about 10 minutes! Still, I couldn't resist posting a few pictures of it because I was really pleased with how the shots turned out, as well as with the yarn itself.

"Castle in the Clouds" is 160 yards of the softest BFL around.

I love BFL, and this really was some amazing fiber. The previous rovings I've bought have been smooth and lustrous, but not really fuzzy soft. This one was all that - check out that gorgeous halo. So soft! As soon as I first squished the roving in my hands, I knew it was going to be amazing.

The roving was purchased from Squoosh on Etsy. I was surprised how pale the colors turned out. I wasn't expecting that, but I really love the way it ended up. One of the funnest parts of spinning for me has been seeing the transformation from roving to yarn. Quite often it's a pleasant surprise! Here's the roving:

I've got another one of her rovings on the way. It's Alpaca/Merino/Silk in earth tones. I cannot wait to see it!

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david santos said...

Have a nice day.

blackmustard said...

Thank you!!!

Laughingrat said...

That is *really* beautiful stuff--no wonder it sold so fast!