July 3, 2008

Featured in a BnR treasury on Etsy

I was trolling through the treasuries on Etsy this afternoon and was thrilled to find I had been featured in 3 treasuries all at the same time!!! One of them was a BnR - the first one I've been in. BnR, for all you non-Etsians, stands for Buy and Replace. The idea is that if you buy one of the items featured, you get to replace that item with one of your own and hopefully someone will buy from you to get your spot. There are countless BnR threads in the forums, but I've always thought the treasury version was way cooler! I am so grateful to Tracey from Moment in the Sun on Etsy for choosing to put my "Namaste" wristlet in her treasury.

I actually met Tracey in person when I was visiting my friend Julie from Superfly Lullabies at a local craft show. Tracey was at the next table over and I was drawn to her beautiful hand-made papercrafts, including notebooks, tags and envelopes like the ones below. Before long we found out we both sold on Etsy and had a great conversation about our experiences with it.

Tracey also has a supplies shop called Moment in Time, where she sells a variety of scrapbooking supplies, buttons, cardstock and fabric. I love the colors in this assortment of cardstock.

Couldn't resist one more picture - isn't this fabric awesome?! You might just find it popping up in a Black Mustard headband one of these days (wink wink).

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Ilix said...

Thanks for explaining B n'R I was confused. Congratulations!!

Tracey said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate that you took time to write about my shops :) I love your fiber items, Joline!