January 28, 2008

Morning Walks

I have made a habit of setting aside time every morning to go for a 20 - 30 minute walk around my neighborhood. It started a couple months ago when we had a really windy day. The trees were whipping and the wind could be seen sweeping across the grass. I stepped outside and the air felt so alive with energy that I just had to be out in it. I went for a walk and instantly remembered all these carefree times in my life when I really felt in touch with my higher "self" and nature and all that good stuff. I thought about it and realized that many of these moments were as a kid or a teenager, walking to and from school, listening to music like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Doors, Joni Mitchell, etc (I thought I was living in the 60's back in highschool - it was actually during the late 90's). I had such a powerful experience on that first walk I decided to make it a daily habit.

It has been the single most effective thing I have tried in years as far as improving my mental, emotional and spiritual well being. I would strongly suggest this for anyone who feels stifled or depressed. Now instead of dragging myself half-asleep into my car to get to work and spend my day inside with no windows, only to emerge in the dark, climb back into my car, come home and spend the evening indoors, I start my day with a few moments of timelessness, relaxation and fresh air. Even on the mornings when I have to wear multiple layers of clothing, my warmest scarf and hat, I still get out. I'm rewarded with sights like this...

I've come to rely on these walks to give me perspective everyday, to help me let go of stress or worry. Walking allows me to get out of my head for a few minutes and just observe, and that has proved invaluable to me. Out of nowhere, insights and inspirations have hit me during these early mornings that I know I would have overlooked or written off if I was still doing things the old way...

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Alpaca Granny said...

Folks laugh at me that I enjoy my morning hour or more of poop shoveling. But I'm outside, with my critters, and doing repetitive, mindless work that, of course, allows me to be reflective.